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Microfiber Cloth

With a well-organized set up, we serve our buyers from Jamnagar(India) to every nook and corner. Sourced from the certified places, our Microfiber Cloth is superb on the counts of performance, precision and prices.


More About

  • Crown Microfiber Cloth is a synthetic cloth made up of polyester which provides durability and polyamide which enables absorbency and quick drying ability.
  • It works as a magnet for dust because it has the ability to pick up and trap dirt, dust, bugs etc.
  • It prevents scratching marks from polished and sensitive surfaces.
  • It is softer, finer and more absorbent than any other cloth for car.
  • Additionally, it enables easy usage for both & polishing purpose.
  • It is mainly used in automotive, furniture for sweeping the dust.


Details :

  • Brand Name : Crown
  • Color : Blue
  • Place of Origin : India
  • Usage : , Polishing
  • superior cloth for body & window . : enables easy usage for both & shining
  • Works as a “magnet” for dust : mainly used for drying, polishing & removing dust, bugs & bird droppings without chemicals.